How ZOMACTON® may help

What it does

Since your child’s body isn’t making enough growth hormone (specifically somatropin), ZOMACTON® is injected to replace that growth hormone. In fact, it’s identical in structure to the natural growth hormone made by the body’s pituitary gland.1

ZOMACTON® is a low-cost option*

  • You may be able to significantly reduce your treatment cost with ZOMACTON®*
  • Whether you have prescription drug coverage or pay with cash, ZOMACTON® may help you minimize costs*

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How growth hormone works

Growth hormone plays an important part to promote normal growth in children and adolescents. It’s made in the pituitary gland and flows through the blood to directly activate growth in different body tissues—especially bone and cartilage.2 Growth hormone also triggers the liver to produce more of a substance that boosts the effects of growth hormone.2

Learn more about pediatric growth hormone deficiency (pGHD).

What to expect

With ZOMACTON®, your child may grow to a height similar to other children of the same age. While every child’s body will respond to ZOMACTON® differently, most children who receive replacement therapy reach a normal adult height that matches the average height of others in their family.

Starting therapy

When your doctor prescribes ZOMACTON®, and your child begins therapy, there can be a sudden “spurt” in his or her growth rate. It may be noticeable in the first 3 or 4 months. Eventually, your child’s growth rate should progress more slowly, but remain steady.1,3

Two ways to inject ZOMACTON®

With ZOMACTON®, you get dosing flexibility, so you can administer a specific amount of growth hormone with each treatment.1 You can also reduce product waste by saving the ZOMACTON® you don’t use (use the 5-mg vial within 14 days and the 10-mg vial within 28 days1). No matter which way you inject, you can get access to free at-home injection education from trained nurses.

  1. Using a vial and a syringe

    The traditional way to inject ZOMACTON® is with a vial and syringe. Benefits include:

    • The standard approach—Vial-and-syringe delivery has been the long-time standard for injectable treatments1
    • Inject and go—administer ZOMACTON® with a single push of the syringe plunger after mixing with diluent1
    • A small needle
  2. Get needle freedom with ZOMA-Jet™ 5

    Some children prefer needle-free devices.4 After you familiarize yourself with the ZOMA-Jet™ 5 instructions for use (only for ZOMACTON® 5 mg), administration involves the following:

    1. Fill the ZOMA-Jet™ 5 from a mixed ZOMACTON® 5-mg vial5
    2. Jet the pre-measured dose of ZOMACTON® through the skin5
    3. Reset the ZOMA-Jet™ 5 so it’s ready for the next administration5

    Ask your doctor about ZOMA-Jet™ 5. Nurse educators are available for all aspects of training with ZOMACTON® and the ZOMA-Jet™ 5.

Staying the course

No matter how your child responds to therapy, it’s important to follow your doctor’s instruction. NEVER increase the dose or number of injections unless instructed by your doctor.

Stay positive. You should see results over time. Remember that growth is a slow process that can take months or years. Your doctor will talk with you about realistic short- and long-term expectations and how long treatment will be necessary.

ZOMACTON® Instructions for Use

*Individual out-of-pocket costs for eligible patients may vary based upon a variety of factors, including your specific insurance plan requirements. Call the ZoGo Support Program at 1-844-944-ZOGO (9646) for additional details.

For patients and caregivers administering ZOMACTON® 5 mg.

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