What is pGHD?

There are many different conditions that can cause problems with growth, and pGHD is one of them.1 Learn the facts, including how a diagnosis is made and when to take your child to see a doctor.

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What is pGHD?
Pediatric growth hormone deficiency treatment

Who is ZOMACTON® for?

ZOMACTON® is a form of injectable somatropin HGH (human growth hormone). It is a growth hormone deficiency treatment for children experiencing growth failure who do not produce enough growth hormone on their own.

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Pediatric growth hormone deficiency treatment

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ZOMACTON® may help families save money so their children can keep getting the pGHD treatment they need. Use the cost calculator now to see what the costs of treatment with ZOMACTON® could be.

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Growth hormone deficiency treatment cost

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